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Bachelor of Science in Geology

Best B.Sc. in Geology College in India

The Bachelor of Science in Geology is an engaging and comprehensive program designed to offer students a profound understanding of Earth's structure, composition, processes, and history. Over the course of three years, this program delves into the fascinating world of minerals, rocks, fossils, and geophysical methods, providing the knowledge and skills necessary to explore, analyze, and solve geological puzzles. With a focus on the practical application of geological principles, the B.Sc. Geology program prepares students for a career dedicated to understanding our planet and contributing to its sustainable future.

The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics, from basic physical geology, mineralogy, and paleontology to more advanced subjects like structural geology, sedimentology, and geophysics. It introduces students to Earth's resources such as water, minerals, and energy, and includes studies on environmental geology to assess human impacts on the Earth. Practical experiences through fieldwork, laboratory analyses, and geo-modeling techniques are core aspects of the program, enabling students to gather and interpret geological data effectively.

Field trips to geological formations, internships with relevant companies, and research projects supervised by experienced faculty are essential elements of the program. These opportunities not only deepen students' understanding of geological phenomena but also equip them for the technical and analytical demands of a geology career.




and Conducive

Learning Environment



We are committed to nurturing an in-depth appreciation and knowledge of the Earth's dynamics, aiming to produce graduates ready to address environmental, resource, and geological challenges globally. Our goal is to be recognized as a premier institution for geology education, where students apply scientific principles towards societal benefit and the sustainable use of Earth's resources.


  • To provide a solid foundation in geologic principles and techniques.
  • Equip students with practical skills through fieldwork and laboratory analysis.
  • Promote research and innovation in the study of Earth's systems.
  • Encourage a commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical professional practices.

Pathway After B.Sc. in Geology


B.Sc. Geology graduates are sought after in various industries. Career options range from exploration and mining geology to environmental consultancy, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, and academic research. Key employers include government bodies, oil and gas corporations, environmental consultancies, and engineering companies. The program also serves as a stepping stone for further studies in geosciences, paving the way for specialization and advanced research

Top Recruiters

Explore the top companies actively recruiting B.Sc. in Geology:

  • Coal India Limited
  • Schlumberger
  • Cairn India
  • Hindustan Zinc
  • Mining companies
  • Baker Hughes
  • Halliburton
  • Vedanta Resources
  • Reliance Industries Limited
  • Tata Steel

Fee Details


All India Quota (Amount of fee details in INR)
Year Heads Courses Fee (Per Year)
Per Year Tuition fee 33,000
One Time Payable Charges in Per Year (INR)
Admission Fee Registration Fee Other Chanrges
(Uniform Winter Summer, Sports Lab Practical)
8,000 1,200 5,999
Other Charges Per Year (INR)
Examination Fee Lab, Library
Medical Consultation & Ambulance Service
ERP Membership
(Theory Internal / External, Practical Internal / External)
As per the University/Board/College Norms Payable
4,800 1,500
Fee Per Year (INR)
Hostel & Mess Fee Single Bed Double Bed Triple Bed Four Bed
Starting From 48000
Standard Quad - 73,000 68,000 -
Deluxe Quad - 88,000 78,000 58,000
Executive Room - 1,20,000 - -
Laundry Charges 4,800 4,800 4,800 4,800
Hostel Enrollment & Furnishing Fee
(To be paid once)
5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000
Note :- AC/TV Available at Extra Charges.
Tuition Fee Waiver on Percentage(Class 12th Results) only one Applicable
Slab Percentage Tuition Fee Waiver
1 65-75% 15%
2 75-90% 20%
3 90-95% 50%
4 95-100% Free Education
5 Sports Category 5-10%
6 Uttarakhand Domicile 15%
7 Extracurricular 5-10%
8 Social Service(NCC/NSS) 10%
NOTE :- The management and college authorities have the authority to make changes to scholarships, including withdrawal, cancellation, or modification. Scholarships are contingent upon seat availability in the selected course, and this statement is not legally binding for claiming scholarships.


Completion of 10+2 (or equivalent) with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Mathematics from a recognized board.

General category: 50% aggregate
SC/ST category: 45% aggregate

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Why Join B.Sc. in Geology?

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  • Engage in comprehensive studies of the Earth, exploring everything from its core to surface phenomena.
  • Acquire hands-on geological skills through extensive fieldwork and advanced lab techniques.
  • Learn under the guidance of faculty members who are both knowledgeable and passionate about geology.
  • Embark on a career that not only furthers our understanding of the Earth but also plays a crucial role in its conservation.
  • Become part of a community dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for the planet's challenges.